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Space Operations Command

Space Operations Command is responsible for the organization, training, equipping, command and control, and employment of space forces to support operational plans and missions for U.S. combatant commanders and air component commanders. Space Operations Center serves as the headquarters and staff for United States Space Force's (USSF) Combined Force Space Component Command.

Contact Information

747 Nebraska Ave.
Suite A-300-8
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437-6249

Phone: DSN 276-2816
Comm: (805) 606-2816


Commander Speeches

Cal Poly Cubesat Speech
Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - 30 Apr 2018

National Space Symposium 2018 Keynote Address
General John "Jay" Raymond
34th Annual National Space Symposium, Colorado Springs - 17 Apr 2018

General John "Jay" Raymond
AFA MDC2 Conference, Colorado Springs - 24 Aug 2017

Space and Missile Defense Symposium

General John "Jay" Raymond
Space and Missile Defense Symposium, Huntsville, Alabama - 8 Aug 2017