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  • Weather squadron offers January outlook

    Did you know that January holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded, which was 25 degrees? As to be expected for winter months, the average high and low temperatures continue to drop. January is also the only month with an average snowfall amount, which is a tenth of an inch. The good news is January is the month with the fewest
  • Holiday vigilance: SFS’ gift to Vandenberg

    While visions of sugar plums dance through the sleeping heads of children on Vandenberg this holiday season, the 30th Security Forces Squadron ensures that peaceful slumber is not disturbed. Security forces Airmen will remain on duty over the holidays, keeping constant vigil at posts around the base. "If not for the defenders on the wall, people
  • CAG allows commander to focus on broader mission

    The wing's highest-ranking Airman has a very busy schedule. To make that schedule manageable, wing leadership relies on support from the Commander's Action Group. Although the title seems to imply that the CAG is more than one person, the 30th Space Wing CAG is 2nd Lt. Lauren Neely. As the commander's go-to person for event information, ideas on
  • Chaplains prepare for holiday season

    The tempo of the chaplains on base will not slow down as the holiday season nears. In fact, the chaplains are heading into one of their busiest times of the year. "During the holiday season we remain busy," said Staff Sgt. Robert Hangley, a chaplain assistant from the 30th Space Wing. "We provide more services at the chapels, give counseling to our
  • 2nd ROPS ensures American air, space superiority

    (Editor's note: This is part two of a two-part story.) Once the scheduling is complete and the day of launch gets closer, the 2nd ROPS operators and contractors manning the instrumentation sites across the base begin their mission. The aerospace control officer and his fellow Airmen start with coordinating between the FAA and contracted assets to
  • Migrating monarchs

    Monarchs occur throughout North America and migrate each winter to escape cold temperatures. The Rocky Mountains divide monarchs in to two populations: Eastern and Western. The Eastern population of monarchs flies up to 3,000 miles to Mexico for the winter. Monarchs that live west of the Rocky Mountains spend their winters on the coast of
  • Launch time: 2 ROPS key to Vandenberg mission

    A button is pushed, a missile launches, it hits its target and everyone goes home. Sounds simple right? Actually, launching a missile, especially one like the Missile Defense Agency interceptor launched here Friday, requires much more than just a button push. It takes more than a year of planning, coordination between myriad agencies and careful
  • Duty, honor, commitment: Vandenberg's Honor Guard

    Every organization on an installation serves a purpose and contributes to the overall mission of the Air Force. However, there is one flight that stands out from the crowd when it comes to military bearing and professional image. This group is Vandenberg's Honor Guard. The honor guard selectively takes volunteers from units around the base that
  • Surface cargo produces sharp Airmen

    A drop of sweat falls from an Airman's forehead and quickly mixes with a light layer of sawdust that accumulates over a pair of protective goggles. With one wipe of his gloves, his lenses are clear, and he is back to work hours before lunch. For some Airmen the constant sound of screeching table saws and firing nail guns can serve as a better jump
  • Airmen Run to Remember, some can never forget

     Members of team Vandenberg have been running to remember fallen servicemembers for a little over a week now. While some are running to remember, others are running for people and events they can never forget.A Run to Remember has given Team Vandenberg the opportunity to donate money, through the Combined Federal Campaign, to organizations which