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  • Unique team scopes out base's wildlife interests

    Every morning at daybreak, as the sun begins its hurdle over the horizon, a group of Vandenberg's finest perform a variety of tasks unique to the typical operations of an Air Force base. This particular group is the 30th Security Forces Squadron conservation law enforcement officers. This small, but critical, six-member team is composed of four
  • Base considers disassembling historical launch complex

    Vandenberg is currently undergoing the planning stages of removing and disassembling pieces from one of its historical launch pads, Space Launch Complex-5. The reason behind modifying the vacant complex came about when Vandenberg began receiving numerous requests from different agencies, programs and personnel around the globe for unused SLC-5
  • Be proactive, prevent property crime

    Crime is not limited to highly urbanized cities; it occurs everywhere from the rural countryside to suburban neighborhoods to even Vandenberg Air Force Base. Statistics show that violent crime is decreasing on Vandenberg, whereas the property crime numbers are increasing. "Living on an Air Force base doesn't necessarily mean that theft won't
  • Joint Space Operations Center: DOD’s eye in the sky supporting the troops on the ground

    For the troops on the ground in hot zones all around the world, there are many items they rely on that are vital in their day-to-day operations: their weapons, their wingmen, their body armor ... their space assets? The DOD's space assets are often overlooked as key items in the daily operations of the commander on the ground in operational areas
  • Volunteer works to support Vandenberg's Jewish community

    Currently the Jewish community is participating in the Jewish Passover and nobody knows that more than Master Sgt. Teri Brady, the Jewish lay leader for Vandenberg. Sergeant Brady is not only a volunteer for the Jewish community she is also the NCO-in-charge of the 148th Space Operations Squadron command support staff at the Vandenberg Tracking
  • Vandenberg shirt keeps LRS working toward excellence

    Standing in front of an Air Force first sergeant, or shirt, might not be the highlight of an Airman's career, however, what some might not understand is that it's not always easy for the first sergeant. Nobody knows that better than Master Sgt. Angela Fernandez, the 30th Logistic Readiness Squadrons first sergeant. "My job is people," Sergeant
  • Military child leads by example

    With a grin extending ear-to-ear in delight and a slight skip to his step, one of Vandenberg's own maneuvers his way through the corridors of the Youth Center here. This is the scene of a typical day for Jared Coen, a student at Crestview Elementary School here, when he is greeted by his father, Master Sgt. Scott Coen, a 381st Training Group
  • Patriot Voices: Vandenberg's soul

    Aboard a British vessel, Francis Scott Key's attention was fixated on an American flag awakened by September's morning air in 1814. Inspired by the flag, still flying over Fort McHenry after a night of British bombardment, Mr. Key decided to write a poem about its resilience. More than 100 years later the poem became the National Anthem of the
  • Triathlon club welcomes new members

    Sometimes just an idea can trickle enough to cause a ripple effect amongst the like-hearted. Two years ago, Maj. Jonathan Mason, 30th Weather Squadron assistant director of operations, had such an idea. The Major arrived at Vandenberg before the base had kicked off its last organized triathlon in 2007. The Major was no novice in the triathlon
  • Airman goes 'above and beyond' for others

    Airmen strive to meet the core values of the Air Force. There are some Airmen however that naturally meet and go beyond the core values of integrity, excellence and service in their own lives. One such Airman, Senior Airman Talbert Knepshield, a vehicle operator from the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron, exemplifies the meaning of going beyond the