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  • TRICARE moves with you

    TRICARE beneficiaries who are planning to or have recently moved to another duty station not only have a new community, but may have a new regional TRICARE contractor managing their health care benefits. Rest assured though: no matter what TRICARE program is used, the benefits are portable. Below is a to-do list for TRICARE beneficiaries before and
  • Squadron protects global assets

    The sound of a rocket, the trail of smoke cascading through the sky behind it, and spectators leaving their office buildings to see the mission blast into space are all common scenes around Vandenberg. It takes many organizations on base to make this spectacle a reality, but only one organization focuses specifically on the reason -not the ride."We
  • From Costa Rica: Air Force pediatricians provide care to local children in Costa Rica

    A line of anxious children wraps around a cement wall of a local school here. One of the children at the front of the line, waiting for his turn, occupies his time by picking away at the cracking paint of the lime green walls of the recently converted clinic with his fingers. The children are all awaiting the care of two U.S. Air Force
  • From Costa Rica: Optometrist's right-hand Airman

    In a foreign land thousands of miles from home, one Vandenberg Air Force Base Airman finds herself filling a role to which she is unaccustomed in her normal medical career field duties. Senior Airman Maricella Estrada, a 30th Medical Operations Squadron aerospace medicine journeyman, is currently deployed to a northern region of Alajuela in support
  • Space 100: Introduction to 'final frontier'

    A trek across the vast openness of the Midwest used to require numerous maps and careful attention to road signs; however, with the advancement of technology and the friendly voice of a GPS, maps are no longer needed. The satellite technology required to operate a GPS is out of this world, literally; but it's the students trained at the 392nd
  • Testing for success with 576th FLTS

    "T-minus 60 seconds; go for launch, igniters on, engine start, lift off!" These are the classic launch checks performed in the final crucial seconds before a launch, but what precedes the final minute? Before the launch is even scheduled, members of the 576th Flight Test Squadron here are working to ensure the mission will be a success. The
  • Vandenberg learns from civilian fire captain

    Up in the hills of Santa Barbara, fire captain John Crotty stares out over a desolate piece of land once inhabited by more than 20,000 people. Wind sweeping through the walls of the valley begins to provoke an already agitated wildfire. The heat from the blaze causes sweat to fall from a saturated bandana nestled under the fire captain's hard hat.
  • Vandenberg K-9 team is vital part of Manas' security

    The Manas military working dogs unleash loyalty, determination and stamina as security forces shields. They serve as constant companions to their handlers, shouldering the brunt of danger during peace and war. With built-in radar, they are able to smell out trouble that no human or manmade device can. During Police Week, May 10 through May 16,
  • Missile maintenance starts at 532nd TRS

    With the turn of a wrench and a check of the engine, one of the Air Force's most powerful weapons is checked for its dependability. The maintenance of that weapon, an air launch cruise missile, is performed by Airmen trained at the 532nd Training Squadron here. For 72 academic days, the students receive instruction and hands-on training to become
  • Tax tip: New credit means changes in withholdings

    The government recently gave American taxpayers another economic stimulus in the form of the 'Making Work Pay Tax Credit.' However, unlike the 2008 stimulus, this one is not in the form of a check. Generally, for people who receive a paycheck, this credit was typically handled by their employers, like the Air Force, through automated withholding