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  • Mental Health: essential to comprehensive fitness

    As Airmen begin to return from more than a decade of combat in the Middle East, and cope with the perils of war, distinguishing Mental Health clinics as valuable resources rather than detrimental career-enders is paramount.Although it aims to promote overall mental fitness, negative reactions toward Mental Health have been common in the military.
  • More than man's best friend

    Vandenberg military working dogs and their handlers work around the clock to keep personnel and their property safe.From dusk to dawn handlers ensure the dogs are fed, exercised, trained, and ready for any mission."Typically handlers will come [to the kennel] first thing in the morning, feed all the dogs then take them out in the yard to do some
  • Eyes in the sky

    With an aim to enhance comprehensive base safety and security, the 30th Security Forces Squadron is bolstering its Small Unmanned Aircraft System program.The model of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, known as Raven-B/DDL employed at Vandenberg, requires two security forces operators and is utilized for its ample reconnaissance capabilities."We have
  • Executive position provides key leadership support

    In addition to more than 130 standard career fields, the Air Force is comprised of many unique, temporary duty positions.One such opportunity is a year-long commitment that plays an essential and direct supporting role to wing-level leadership."There's never a standard day in the front office," said Staff Sgt. Raymond Barkley, 30th Space Wing
  • Fitness center staff promotes fitness one Airman at a time

    Vandenberg fitness center employees pride themselves in ensuring military members' fitness success and supporting the overall mission.Seven days a week the staff opens up the facility and makes sure equipment is safe, clean, and ready to use. From the early risers to the late night gym goers, the staff strives to make everyone's experience
  • Base Honor Guard embodies dignity, respect

    For decades base Honor Guards have represented all Airmen to the American public and the world by showcasing their skills at various functions, from funerals to retirement ceremonies.With a desire to enhance the mission, set the standards, perfect the image and defend the legacy, members of the VAFB Honor Guard aim to exemplify the words integrity
  • Airman Highlight: Vandenberg Airman begins graduate school

    Airman 1st Class Jasmin Lopez is a cyber system operator for the 30th Space Communications Squadron. Lopez is a full-time Airman and part-time student. She is currently taking "Economics for Decision Making" class to work towards her master's degree.Q: Why do you think seeking higher education is important in the military?A: I believe higher
  • Vandenberg lodging provides comfort to the mission

    Housekeepers employed with the recently renovated lodging office have aimed for decades to make a visitor's stay as comfortable and refreshing as possible. Base personnel may not know that the housekeepers often work late hours to create a welcoming experience for guests. With 226 units and 57,664 guests per year, this is not an easy task."It takes
  • Kitchen staff keeps CDC children happy, healthy

    On any given day, the VAFB Child Development Center is charged with caring for more than 100 children ranging in age from infants to five-year-olds.Within this organization, a small group of individuals makes it their mission to provide these youths with healthy and nutritious sustenance."We come in at six thirty, and the first thing we do is
  • Airmen Dorm Leaders take pride in quality service

    Team V's Airmen Dormitory Leaders are highly motivated personnel dedicated to ensuring that Airmen receive quality service, guidance, advice, and mentoring to help them succeed. "This is a very personal, rewarding job," said Staff Sgt. Jarrett Pablo, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron dormitory leader. "Knowing that we are impacting other Airmen's lives