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  • Vandenberg celebrates Veterans Day

    Team Vandenberg honors those who served and continue to serve.
  • Only you can prevent security breaches

    In an unseen realm represented by ones and zeroes, an information war is constantly raging. Whether they know it or not, everyone who uses the internet is involved.Protecting information can be the difference between mission success and failure, and although we have cyber sentinels guarding the data stream, sometimes the greatest threat is from
  • You are not alone

    Whether it is an anonymous phone call in the middle of the night or a secret meeting at a coffee shop, Cozetta Blow, the 30th Medical Group domestic abuse victim advocate, is always available to listen.As a base confidant, her office is a sanctuary for secrets and a reservoir of advice."I don't keep mental health notes - there is nothing that is
  • Education program enlightens Airmen

    Since the early 1970s, when the Community College of the Air Force was established, the Air Force has been a step ahead in providing, and encouraging, further educational opportunities for enlisted Airmen.Today, the CCAF offers more than 65 Associates of Applied Science degree programs and various Air Force bases, including Vandenberg, boast
  • 30th MDOS flexes mussels

    Six Airmen slipped and shuffled down the steep embankment to Brown beach, causing sand to be caught up in eddies swirling around them. When the group made their way to the jagged coastline, they hopped nimbly from rock to rock, avoiding the tide pools and slick seaweed patches. The ocean spray salted the air as Senior Airman Lakeya Jones, 30th
  • Can you please transfer me to...

    Tucked away in the corner of building 12000 is a room staffed by contractors who work relentlessly around the clock to keep the lines of base communication open. They remain ready in their offices to transfer calls, day or night, holiday or weekend. These multitasking gurus are always just a phone call away. Answering phones is just one of the many
  • ADC ensures due process

    With military members being held to high standards of conduct under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the availability of fair legal representation is an Air Force priority. This representation is offered by a military attorney, known as an Area Defense Counsel, whose sole purpose is to represent Airmen accused of a crime or facing adverse
  • MFLC program provides positive outlet

    Nearly a decade ago the Department of Defense sought to create an additional support service for military members and their families, due to lengthy and recurring deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.After the positive conclusion of a two-year pilot program, Managed Health Network Government Services, Inc. was awarded a contract to implement the
  • More than meets the eye

    The expression "twenty/twenty" is what optometry doctors call a person with normal vision. However, the doctors and technicians at the Vandenberg Optometry Clinic don't settle for the norm. The clinic offers more than meets the eye and top if off with exceptional health care service to the base. "Our service members need access to comprehensive
  • Military child steps to the plate!

    VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- In the Air Force there are sacrifices that Airmen make for their country. These sacrifices range from spending less than the ideal amount of time with their family, to the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. Although the children of Airmen aren't directly enlisted or commissioned, they make sacrifices too. In the