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  • Setting lofty goals: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

    In early 2014, Capt. Matthew Sarda, 381st Training Support Squadron flight commander, set a goal to travel to Africa and climb Mount Kilimanjaro.With the support of his unit leadership and base personnel, he and a friend completed that goal Feb. 7, 2015, after intensive preparation leading up to the actual six-day ascent."It was something that I
  • Airman highlight: Senior Airman Gruszka

    It's Monday morning. The clinic at the 30th Medical Operations Squadron needs to be prepped for incoming patients. Those patients need to be checked in to their assigned doctors and those doctors need to be provided their patients' vital signs, medical history and the reason for their visit. Senior Airman Corey Gruszka, 30th MDOS aerospace medical
  • Honor guard sharpens skills

    The base honor guard recently spent their days training as part of an 80-hour training course taught by Air Force honor guard instructors here, March 23 through April 1.The Air Force honor guard training instructors train base honor guards at the request of the base, which unifies honor guard standards across the Air Force."We want to make sure
  • Missile testing unit validates strategic deterrent

    The 576th Flight Test Squadron, which conducts Minuteman III launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, holds the unique distinction as the sole intercontinental ballistic missile test unit in the Department of Defense.The 576th FLTS gathers valuable flight and equipment data from the ICBM tests, ensuring the weapons system remains
  • Got consent?

    With the Air Force's continued efforts to combat sexual assault, Vandenberg has created a program specifically aimed at educating new Airmen.The program, called 'Got Consent?', takes first term Airmen through a court martial from the perspective of the jury. Airmen are presented with reenacted testimonies based upon a previous sexual assault case
  • Behind the rank: Colonel Schollars

    During a recent water line break here at Vandenberg, Col. Todd Schollars, 30th Mission Support Group commander, accompanied Lt. Col. Deron Frailie, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron commander, to the break site. Standing in a 10-foot deep ditch with Frailie and several 30th CES Airmen, he casually conversed with the team fixing the break."How has your
  • Motorcycle safety: everyone's job

    The annual pre-season motorcycle briefing took place in the base theater recently, with guest speaker, Jake Zemke, American Motorcyclist Association professional road racer.This briefing was part of the mandatory training for motorcyclists on base and served as a unique way to get people in a safe riding mindset."At Vandenberg we focus on
  • 14th Air Force celebrates life, legacy of front office 'icon'

    In the 14th Air Force command suite there is a desk which stands out from the others.  It is adorned with tigers; tiger vases, plush toys, pencil holders, a whimsical explosion of color and personality. An obvious homage to the lineage of the command, the famed "Flying Tigers" of WWII, the tiger motif is also a fitting representation of the desk's
  • Optics stays focused on mission

    Due to Vandenberg's unique mission, squadrons on base have adapted to fulfill specialized tasks, exclusive to a space base.The 30th Space Communications Squadron is one such organization that functions in a different capacity than many of their counterparts on aircraft-oriented bases.While typically residing in the Mission Support Group,
  • Space and Missile Heritage Center preserves past to conserve future

    Located at Space Launch Complex 10, Vandenberg's only National Historic Landmark, the Space and Missile Heritage Center sits on hallowed ground from the Cold War era.Operated by a former missile maintainer, the museum's primary function is to facilitate an understanding of the evolution of missile and space-lift activity at Vandenberg, from the