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  • Motorcycle safety: everyone's job

    The annual pre-season motorcycle briefing took place in the base theater recently, with guest speaker, Jake Zemke, American Motorcyclist Association professional road racer.This briefing was part of the mandatory training for motorcyclists on base and served as a unique way to get people in a safe riding mindset."At Vandenberg we focus on
  • 14th Air Force celebrates life, legacy of front office 'icon'

    In the 14th Air Force command suite there is a desk which stands out from the others.  It is adorned with tigers; tiger vases, plush toys, pencil holders, a whimsical explosion of color and personality. An obvious homage to the lineage of the command, the famed "Flying Tigers" of WWII, the tiger motif is also a fitting representation of the desk's
  • Optics stays focused on mission

    Due to Vandenberg's unique mission, squadrons on base have adapted to fulfill specialized tasks, exclusive to a space base.The 30th Space Communications Squadron is one such organization that functions in a different capacity than many of their counterparts on aircraft-oriented bases.While typically residing in the Mission Support Group,
  • Space and Missile Heritage Center preserves past to conserve future

    Located at Space Launch Complex 10, Vandenberg's only National Historic Landmark, the Space and Missile Heritage Center sits on hallowed ground from the Cold War era.Operated by a former missile maintainer, the museum's primary function is to facilitate an understanding of the evolution of missile and space-lift activity at Vandenberg, from the
  • HVAC 'air men' keep it cool

    Encompassing nearly 100,000 acres, Vandenberg executes a variety of operations on a daily basis.Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning personnel play a pivotal role in the everyday upkeep of Vandenberg, and to ensure maximum productivity, routine maintenance is performed regularly."We handle a lot of small maintenance every day," said Senior
  • Aircraft to spacecraft, airfield ops lands them all

    Although Vandenberg's 15,000 foot flightline, the second longest in the Air Force, currently has no permanent aircraft assigned, it is mission essential.The airfield acts as a hub, receiving launch equipment for the base's primary mission, achieving successful polar orbit."I don't believe that the launch mission could happen without us," said Capt.
  • Dorm managers support residence and residents

    For Airmen arriving at their first duty station, the first few weeks can be stressful. In-processing, streams of paperwork, medical and dental checkups, and getting acquainted with a new area can be overwhelming. Upon completion of those tasks, all that remains is getting settled in the dorms, something members of dorm management have covered in
  • Lieutenant’s quick heroics aid accident victim

    An Air Force lieutenant, stationed at Vandenberg, recently assisted in the rescue of a woman involved in a vehicle accident near Santa Barbara, Calif., Dec. 1.On leave and intending to meet his girlfriend for lunch, 1st Lt. Tyler Theberge, 4th Space Launch Squadron deputy chief engineer, noticed something awry as he approached an intersection on
  • Highs and lows of conservation

    Staff Sgt. Michael Vera, 30th Security Forces Squadron conservation officer, slowly scattered corn chips on the ground leading to the entrance of the cage. Next he re-checked the spring-loaded pressure plate, ensuring that any weight would close the door and catch his quarry. When he was satisfied that both door and pressure plate were functioning,
  • Vandenberg's veterinarians

    The Alaskan malamute paced in his cage; fighting to stay awake against the sleep inducing drugs he was given. His bear-like paws messed up the bedding, and his weight caused the metal floor to flex ever so slightly as he walked in small circles. The whining from the cage and the pop-pop sound of the metal floor all but ceased as the malamute