30th MSG vital to mission success

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. --  The 30th Mission Support Group is absolutely critical to the success of
our launch, range, and expeditionary missions. Simply put, the ability of this Wing to deliver one-of-a-kind, billion-dollar payloads to orbit that save lives and win wars would come to a grinding halt without the men and women serving in the MSG. This past Thursday, I spent the afternoon with these sterling performers and witnessed first-hand just how lucky we are to live and work on an installation that is supported by Airmen, civilians, and contractors who care about their jobs, care about this base, and care about the services they provide to everyone living and working at Vandenberg. 

The professionals in the Contracting Squadron certainly fit the bill. Contract Specialists such as Tech. Sergeant Alvina Andrews, Sandra Odem, and Claudia McMorris are working on large projects improving our base. In addition, professionals such as Vanessa Lechon, Jeff Chizek, and Peg Clesson are providing superb training, oversight, and surveillance of the installation's Government Purchase Card accounts. Contracting is not easy; it demands attention to detail and the highest standards of excellence and integrity, all of which resonate at the 30th CONS. 

Similarly, attention to detail and the highest standards of excellence and integrity are very-much alive and well at our Logistics Readiness Squadron, the 2005 best LRS in Air Force Space Command. They have an awesome safety record and are proof that safety must never be just a side thought and that getting from Point A to Point B must never, ever be considered routine. 

Second Lt. Jonathan Eizenberg and Staff Sgt. Robin Meredith are taking that safety record to the next level by implementing an innovative program here at Vandenberg that utilizes Global Positioning System hardware to provide real-time data on speed, engine workload, alternate routes, and maintenance. Additionally, the program aims to save time and money on vehicle maintenance and repair. It's this kind of innovation and continuous, relentless mission focus that separates the LRS from all others and is why they can call themselves the best in the command. 

Lastly, I visited the Mission Support Squadron and our outstanding men and women at the education center. Barbara Bennie, Education Services Coordinator, and her team are working feverishly to make sure all of us are armed with the knowledge necessary to meet our educational goals. Lyle Hicks is working hard to make sure that every form is correct, every requirement is met, and every detail is addressed for all of your professional military education needs, while Jacquelyn Crutchley is providing second-to-none counseling on all the educational opportunities and financial aid available to you and your families. Kudos to the entire Mission Support Group for going above and beyond each and every day in support of our mission, our Airmen, our families, and our base. We couldn't do it without them. 

As we mark the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, I want to remind you of the extraordinary role you play as Airmen in what I consider to be the greatest generation. You're serving your nation in a time of war just like hundreds of thousands have done before you. You're facing the greatest struggle and the greatest enemy that your generation or perhaps any generation has ever seen. Don't ever forget why you joined and why you serve. There is nothing more honorable than service to your country and you are taking your turn defending freedom at a time when your nation needs you most. I salute you for your sacrifice. Stay safe this weekend. If you ride a motorcycle, never let down your guard. Know the road and know your limits. Do not take any unnecessary chances, wear the required protective gear, and, above all, ride like your life was on the line...because it is. Do not drink and drive; have a plan and stick to it. Be a GREAT wingman and I'll see you back here on Monday.