Attitude...it's more than being positive

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- As the Air Force continues its dramatic transformation of both mission systems and personnel utilization, every member of our team must maintain the right attitude through this incredible time of change. The daily heroes that make up our military, DoD civilian and contractor workforce must embrace the opportunities presented by continuing to innovate and improve our accomplishment of Vandenberg's launch, range and expeditionary mission.

To do this, we must maintain the positive attitude that we have what it takes to successfully move forward through this transformation and trust that the Air Force will be better for it. This positive attitude must align with our first core value of "Integrity First". Therefore, we can still be candid about our concerns regarding the effects of budget and personnel cuts. But, our integrity will help ensure we have the wherewithal and use our smarts to still accomplish the mission despite these challenges.

Our attitude must be more than just "positive."

We must have a willingness to wholeheartedly embrace the selfless attitude reflected in our second core value of "Service Before Self." Most associate this value with deployments away from loved ones, frequent moves, missed birthdays, anniversaries, etc. While certainly this is true, the attitude behind this core value is so much more than that. The "Service Before Self" mentality includes adhering to the standards, good order and discipline that makes us the strongest military in the world and in history. Despite what many in society today think, it is not all about "me" and what "I" get out of something. We are better than that. By adhering to our tried and true standards even when they are inconvenient or we do not completely agree with them, we make an invaluable team integral to our nation's defense.

Our attitude must reflect a commitment to where our senior leadership is taking the Air Force. We must look at better ways of doing our mission while always adhering to our third core value, "Excellence in All We Do." This excellence transcends ALL we do both on and off duty. From showing up to work or appointments on time to maintaining high fitness standards...from obeying the law by always wearing your seatbelt to using your government computer for only work...from actively participating in teams trying to solve a problem to maintaining an even balance between work and home; we must do everything with excellence. We will be happier for it, and both our Air Force and personal families will be better for it.

In large part, our attitude will determine how well we face the challenges ahead. Our attitude must be positive, selfless in our adherence to the Air Force standards and committed to the way ahead. To echo some leaders, both fictitious and real:

"Go forth and conquer."

"Get 'er done."

"Make it so."

In everything you do, have an attitude that is more than just "positive."