General Kehler sends season's greetings to AFSPC


We have an opportunity during the holidays to pause and reflect. We reflect on our families; we reflect on the many blessings we have; we reflect on the advantages of living in a free, democratic society - and in living in this remarkable place called the United States.

We also have an opportunity to stop and reflect on safety. You will see during the holiday season example after example of tragedies that have occurred that were preventable. Preventable with just a few minutes of considering operational risk management and considering what it means to just take another minute or two and be safe.

It also gives us an opportunity during this holiday season to reflect on those who are deployed. We have folks in Air Force Space Command who are in harm's way every day. We have many more who may not be in harm's way from enemy action, but are in the joint fight just as deeply as anyone who happens to be forward-deployed. It's time for us during the holidays in particular to think about them - those who are working, those who are deployed. Let's keep them in mind, and let's keep their families in mind as well.

I'm proud of every single person in this great team that we call Air Force Space Command. I want to see everybody safely return after a nice holiday season. I also want us to be mindful of those who are forward-deployed, those who are going to be serving during the holidays, day in and day out, and keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Marj and I extend our deepest gratitude to you for carrying freedom's torch. I'm proud to serve alongside every one of you.

Happy Holidays!


General, USAF