Knowing role, winning attitude key to success

Combat control students maneuver the "teamwork" log April 9 during a "monster mash" event of the combat control school field training exercise at Fort Bragg, N.C. The monster mash is an endurance event to build individual stamina and encourage teamwork. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Scott Reed)

Teamwork, like that displayed in the Airmen above, is essential not just to the mission in the office but also well into the field. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Scott Reed)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- As I was sitting wondering what I would write for this article I was thinking to myself of the myriad of roles and responsibilities a squadron commander has and the number of taskings they receive each day. Then under the pressures of a short suspense and what seemed like an insurmountable amount of work I witnessed a remarkable display of teamwork and understanding of roles and responsibilities that sometimes is rarely glimpsed except under the spotlight of a "red hot" tasker...I was suddenly in awe of how it all gets done. It then struck me to write about "roles and responsibilities" and the teamwork that it takes to get the mission done.

Wikipedia defines role as the expected behavior (your Air Force job) of an individual (that's you) in a society (the 30th Space Wing). Responsibility is defined as the obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility comes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure success. Everybody has a role to play in the Air Force and, more readily apparent, a role in the 30th Space Wing. We have to have an understanding of what our "lanes-in-the-road" are and what our "mission" is and how we relate to it. Our sense of duty drives our responsibilities to our wing and our mission. It gives us our sense of mission to ensure success and as American Airman the ability to stay true to our creed..."we will not fail."

We cannot however do the mission as individuals. It takes teamwork in everything we do. Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively, such as we do every day in our wing. Whether preparing for a launch or the upcoming IG inspection, we need to stay focused and work together to accomplish common goals. It is because of that I say teamwork should be an important factor in all of our organizations and the wing.

Teamwork takes work though. All members of the team must participate to make the team effective...and barrowing from my last article...it is essential team members communicate effectively using all communication channels available and not just using e-mail. This will enable our team to work together and achieve our goals.

Every leader should encourage an understanding of roles, responsibilities and teamwork to promote a winning "can do" attitude. With a winning attitude there is nothing this wing can't accomplish.