Longest race of my life: 19 days since Ironman; record setting weight gain


Airman 1st Class Clayton Wear finished the ‘SuperFrog Half-Ironman 70.3’ September 24, 2017, Imperial Beach, Calif. Wear hired a Sherpa to carry him around the days following the race (pictured). (Courtesy Photo)


Airman 1st Class Clayton Wear finished the ‘SuperFrog Half-Ironman 70.3’ September 24, 2017, Imperial Beach, Calif. Wear found the swim most challenging as he was kicked in the face, had his goggles fill with salt water, and was flipped over by a wave. (Courtesy Photo)


If you have been following this series, then you would know that 19 days ago I competed in the Ironman 70.3 Superfrog. If you read this series from the beginning you would have read about every aspect of training.

Now 19 days from my first real triathlon, I have a premier gold standard account at Domino’s and I reek of lipase.

“But Clay, how’d you do?”

Glad you asked, I did okay. I didn’t do so great that I would want to share my time on this platform, but for running eight miles in the sand, I feel okay.

A lot of curveballs were thrown at me in the days leading up to, and during, the race. The waves flipped me over, my nutrition sucked and my run time suffered because of it.

I learned a lot from the race, the training, and some close calls I had while on leave.

From the race: avoid sugary snacks in the beginning. After a few hours these will lead to intestinal issues.

From the training: conditions are never perfect. Some days the weather sucks, some days I was sleep deprived, and others unmotivated. These days required me to dig deep.

And lastly, the close calls I had while on leave: always be aware of your surroundings. My girlfriend and I were eating burgers less than a mile from the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week. Thanks to our situational awareness we left the strip immediately when we saw increased police activity, even though we were unaware, at the time, of what was happening down the road.

Although I only summarized a few lessons I learned during this chapter of my life, I feel it will become a cornerstone to how I live this point out.

Thank-you again for coming back each week to read these articles. The support made this series so worth it. I look forward to using my platform to highlight all of the great people working at Vandenberg, our rich history, and all of our events.

I will see you all around. Thank-you again.