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  • CC: Step up, be a great wingman; help save a life

    This past Tuesday, we lost one of our own. It is never easy to lose a fellow Airman, a friend, or even worse, a family member. A family lost their son, a sister lost her brother and a squadron lost a warrior. For all of us here at the 30th Space Wing, we lost someone we worked with, someone we depended on and someone we cared about. There was a
  • IG offers advice on Air Force success

    As I look forward to Nov. 9 and my retirement ceremony, I look back at 20 very memorable years serving in the Air Force. I've had many teachers, a small collection of very close friends and tons of memories that will stay with me longer than most of the "I love me wall" items received during my career. I rarely felt joy when a teacher told me that