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  • The Air Force fitness program: It's not just about a test

    When Gen. John Jumper implemented our current fitness program on Jan.1, he made it clear what drove his decision. He tied the demands of being an expeditionary force to the need for a better fitness program. In one of his "CSAF Sight Pictures," he said, "the amount of energy we devote to our fitness programs is not consistent with the growing
  • Commander bids farewell to Airmen

    This week's commentary is my last opportunity to speak to you, the men and women of the 30th Space Wing. First, let there be no doubt that the things we did together as a Wing, everything from the picture-perfect launches to the mission-critical range operations to the all-time high record deployments in support of the Global War on Terror, were
  • 21st century security forces...not your father's Air Force

    "Every man in Air Force uniform ought to be armed with something--a rifle, a tommy-gun, a pistol, a pike, or a mace; and everyone, without exception, should do at least one hour's drill and practice every day." Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War, Volume III: The Grand Alliance, Boston:Houghton Mifflin, 1985 ed. pp. 692-693. Though Sir
  • Vandenberg embarks on unprecedented changes

    We are serving in one of the most important, most defining, most challenging times ever in the 60 year history of our Air Force. While we are extremely fortunate and proud to be celebrating the awesome successes and contributions of Airmen that served before us, we will soon embark on a course marked by unprecedented changes in the way we
  • Vandenberg celebrates African American History Month

    This February, we will celebrate National African American History Month along with the rest of our nation. The men and women of the 30th Space Wing and Vandenberg Air Force Base will recognize and celebrate the many contributions of African Americans to our country and reinforce our commitment to be citizens of a Nation dedicated to equal and fair
  • Flexibility is the key to airpower

    Pundits have recently claimed that, "the airpower moment has passed." I disagree. Instead, I agree with those who claim that, "flexibility is the key to airpower." Airpower was, in itself, a Revolution in Military Affairs. Thus, early airpower pioneers benefited from the fact that ground and naval forces had yet to adapt to this new weapon in the
  • How do you rate your customer service?

    How would your customers rate your service? I believe the success of any organization should be measured by its willingness and ability to meet its customer's expectations. Frequently, we judge our performance against checklists developed from regulations or higher headquarters' mandates. We need to focus our attention on what the customers needs
  • Commander looks forward to another great year

    This time last year, we looked back at 2005 and celebrated a perfect 10 for 10 launch and range record, 535 Airmen deployed throughout the world in support of the Global War on Terror, and the "Excellent" overall rating we earned during the Operational and Expeditionary Readiness Inspections. 2005 was an awesome year and we had every reason to
  • Ops group leads way in busy launch year

    The finest Operations Group in 14th Air Force; the 30th Operations Group, winners of the 2006 Lt. Gen. Claire Chennault Trophy, are known throughout Air Force Space Command for the professionalism and technical expertise demonstrated by the entire Airman, civilian and contractor team. They provide absolutely critical, 100% accurate and reliable
  • Vandenberg Airmen deliver at launch time

    The first West Coast Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, the Delta IV, launched from Space Launch Complex-6 just five months ago and it delivered a one-of-a-kind satellite to orbit. Our Airmen, civilian and contractor team of professionals throughout the entire 30th Space Wing put everything they had into the flawless support and execution of that