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  • Leadership philosophy from my perspective

    Leadership is "job one" for all Air Force members. It is also fundamental to every organization including church and youth groups, non-profit organizations, small and large businesses, and any other entity united by common interest. Most successful organizations enjoy even more success with effective leaders at all levels within the
  • All it takes is a mentoring moment

    As I thought about taking command of my first squadron, I reflected back to all the people that had mentored me throughout my career thus far. The faces and words became visible and vibrant again.There is one mentor (my first) that comes to mind and stays at the forefront of my thoughts--Col. Oswaldo Mullins. I was a second lieutenant and he was my
  • Warfit should be Lifefit

    Warfit isn't just for passing a physical fitness test or staying in shape for deployment. There are many benefits to regular exercise that we've all heard for many years. It reduces stress, helps with weight loss, and improves overall health. We all know exercise is good for us, but sometimes it can be difficult to stay committed to a regular
  • I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y: an acronym for professionals

    Based on the title and before you even start reading this article, I'm sure some of you are saying, "Oh boy, here they go again ... not another commentary from leadership about the Air Force's core values ... please!" O.K., before you quit reading and walk away from your computer, let me promise you the following: I'm giving away a free steak
  • Leadership: art of influence, not force

    Your supervisor comes into the office and demands that you have Airman Jones' enlisted performance report finished by close of business "or else!" So, you do as you're told. It's not your best effort, but at least the boss will be off your back.Months later, your new supervisor tells you he really wants you to finish Airman Smith's EPR today. He
  • Money Matters: JA offers tips for career safety

    I arrived at Vandenberg just over a week ago. It has already become clear to me that the 30th Space Wing comprises highly professional, motivated, detail-oriented men and women!  As at every base, though, we see our share of folks who end up on the wrong side of their commander's desk during an Article 15 or other disciplinary action due to sheer
  • Veteran held memorable perspective as flag burned on Fourth of July

    When I think of the Fourth of July, I am always reminded of my childhood. I grew up in a small town in upper Michigan--Calumet to be exact. We had an Air Force base right outside of our town where my dad was stationed.Every Fourth of July, our town would host a parade, town picnic and a fireworks show. The picnic included everyone's favorite
  • Keep the faith: corps beliefs guide combatants through trials, tribulations

    It was always easy to tell when one of my former operations group commanders was dismissing me. He would say, "Keep the faith!" But to keep the faith was not an easy task. Year-after-year, dozens of times a year, Airmen from that unit went into harm's way where people were hurt and souls were scarred.The effect of combat on faith is not a new
  • 30th Space Wing commander proud to serve with finest space professionals

    It's hard to believe that less than two years after we left, my family and I have returned to Vandenberg Air Force Base. It's truly an honor to return here as your wing commander. As I said at the change of command ceremony, I believe Vandenberg is the most important base in the nation with respect to securing and advancing space power for the U.S.
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer means making safety a top level priority

    Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, marks the beginning of the 101 Critical Days of Summer. This period, which will last until Labor Day, is one of the most deadly times for our Airmen. What should be considered a time of rest, travel and relaxation often ends up in tragedy.Ironically, many people will lose their lives while enjoying