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  • The Air Force story--our story

    This month marks the culmination of a story - a story that has been driven forward by men and women who dared to test the limits of our technology and our imagination. Our story - that of both the Air Force and of Air Force Space Command - has been one of unique character and aspiration.It's a story of visionaries like Gens. Billy Mitchell, Hap
  • Mental Wounds: The world after Lister

    One hundred and thirty years ago, almost 50 percent of the patients undergoing major surgery died from infection. Dr. Joseph Lister was the first to treat wounds with dressings soaked in carbolic acid. Dr. Lister and Dr. Louis Pasteur suggested surgeons wash their hands and sterilize their instruments before operating. The medical community in
  • Quiet heroes among us

    A member of my church recently died, and not until reflecting at his funeral were we aware of the magnitude of his contributions. The kind-hearted, good-natured quiet man always had a smile and a sense of peace about him that put you at ease. His inner strength provided solace and security in a world of disorder and confusion.A veteran of World War
  • As 101 Critical Days of Summer end, continue to focus on safety every day

    Children have already started school; Labor Day is almost here, an indicator that summer is drawing to a close. For many parents, back to school may be considered the most wonderful time of the year. With school back in session, remember to watch your speed not only in school zones but in housing areas as well. There are many bicyclists,
  • Good leaders communicate face to face

    Effective communication is critical to leadership, unit cohesion and mission accomplishment. Having been a commander for only two months, I wouldn't say that I have a lot of experience in command, but I do have experience in leading large groups of people. In jobs like mine, you get a lot of practice learning how to effectively lead and communicate
  • July 4 is time for family, fun, safety

    The Forth of July is very special to me, when my family and I join the rest of the nation in celebration of the freedoms we hold so dear. As people who dedicate our lives to protecting those freedoms, we share a sense of how important our responsibility is to keeping our country safe--for us and for our families.That responsibility is not easy. We
  • Passion and caring preserves

    As I started to think about writing this article, I asked myself what I look for in an Airman (meaning all ranks) and what I believe has allowed me the success I've had in my career. I say that because I believe I have the best job in the Air Force--squadron commander.Obviously, we are influenced by our family upbringing and surroundings. Col
  • Do not become weary

    There's a famous quote in the New Testament of the Bible which states, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9. This quote is a great reminder to all of us that, as we approach Labor Day and the end of the 101 Critical Days of Summer, we should not grow weary in our
  • I am the leader I am today because...

    A couple years ago, at a previous medical group promotion ceremony, our deputy group commander gave some of her perspectives on leadership. She borrowed one theme from US Coast Guard Admiral James Loy in 1993: "I am the leader I am today because...." Of the several reasons ADM Loy gave were his role models. These are some of the role models in my
  • What the Airman's Creed Means to Me

    I am an American Airman. I didn't realize I was an Airman until I deployed with the Army. Although we serve toward the same end, I found the Army's culture very "grounded." As Airmen we are brought up with a far ranging vision. We project power. We are encouraged to spread our wings, take chances, and think outside the box. I love the Airman's