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  • Let us write one helluva story

    "We tell ourselves stories to live."  Those are the words of the famous American author Joan Didion. I believe she penned those words to describe the fact that we have a tendency to want to talk about our own life as a story. I would argue that we do so because we want our lives to have meaning...to have relevance. We simply want our lives to mean
  • Care keeps Halloween fun, not scary

    With Halloween right around the corner, I'd like to take this opportunity to review some important safety tips. Halloween is a fun time for children and parents, but it is important that parents remain cognizant of potential dangers associated with this holiday.First and foremost, when choosing a costume for your children, it is important to look
  • Halloween is Near...No Fear, Safety is Here!

    It seems at this time of year, we begin ramping up for a number of family events and holidays that gives us pause to think through what we need to do to ensure the safety of our families, especially our children.Vandenberg AFB will observe the time-honored tradition of "Trick or Treating" on Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in West Housing
  • Securing Space: 50 years after Sputnik

    Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union surprised the world by launching Sputnik, Earth's first artificial satellite, into orbit. The satellite's unfettered "flight" over our country and around the world brought home the Soviet threat for millions of Americans, and it motivated the United States to regain the technological upper hand through
  • What is 60 years of heritage to an Airman?

    A year ago last May I entered the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in my home town back in Oklahoma, knowing I wanted to do something better with my life I was faced with four choices, four doors that would lead to completely different opportunities and lifestyles for that matter.Since then people have asked me why I chose the Air Force.I can give
  • The Air Force story--our story

    This month marks the culmination of a story - a story that has been driven forward by men and women who dared to test the limits of our technology and our imagination. Our story - that of both the Air Force and of Air Force Space Command - has been one of unique character and aspiration.It's a story of visionaries like Gens. Billy Mitchell, Hap
  • Mental Wounds: The world after Lister

    One hundred and thirty years ago, almost 50 percent of the patients undergoing major surgery died from infection. Dr. Joseph Lister was the first to treat wounds with dressings soaked in carbolic acid. Dr. Lister and Dr. Louis Pasteur suggested surgeons wash their hands and sterilize their instruments before operating. The medical community in
  • Quiet heroes among us

    A member of my church recently died, and not until reflecting at his funeral were we aware of the magnitude of his contributions. The kind-hearted, good-natured quiet man always had a smile and a sense of peace about him that put you at ease. His inner strength provided solace and security in a world of disorder and confusion.A veteran of World War
  • As 101 Critical Days of Summer end, continue to focus on safety every day

    Children have already started school; Labor Day is almost here, an indicator that summer is drawing to a close. For many parents, back to school may be considered the most wonderful time of the year. With school back in session, remember to watch your speed not only in school zones but in housing areas as well. There are many bicyclists,
  • Good leaders communicate face to face

    Effective communication is critical to leadership, unit cohesion and mission accomplishment. Having been a commander for only two months, I wouldn't say that I have a lot of experience in command, but I do have experience in leading large groups of people. In jobs like mine, you get a lot of practice learning how to effectively lead and communicate