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  • Progressions in diversity

    On July 21st, the Vandenberg Equal Opportunity office hosted a Diversity Day event at the Pacific Coast Club. When I walked into the PCC Ballroom, I was welcomed with my own personal Hawaiian lei. In Hawaiian culture, this customized wreath represents love, honor, or friendship upon one’s arrival or departure. I felt this affection as I sauntered
  • Longest race of my life: nine weeks to Ironman; no excuses

    If you read my last post, then you would know that in nine weeks from this Sunday I will be competing in the Ironman 70.3 Superfrog. Preparing for this competition has required me train my physical and mental endurance. Of the two, mental toughness had been a weakness of mine in the past.I remember the first time I ran a mile and a half for time. I
  • Longest race of my life: ten weeks to Ironman

    Ten weeks from this Sunday I will be crossing the finish line of my first long distance swim, middle distance bike ride, and my second half marathon. Well, not exactly my first of these distances but the first time completing them consecutively in a race. In the most unexpected way, I have taken on the challenge to compete in the Ironman 70.3
  • Education and procrastination – opposites that don’t attract

    It was the Fourth of July, and fireworks were illuminating the night sky on the Central Coast. The aroma of various foods on the grill wafted through the California air. Friends and loved ones all gathered throughout Vandenberg, and beyond, to celebrate our annual “Brexit 1776.” While most celebrated their freedom on this significant night, I was
  • John Ratzenberger visits Team V

    Working in the Public Affairs office, here, gives me opportunities to stand shoulder to shoulder with military leaders, celebrities, and athletes. One of these opportunities placed a face to the voice I grew up hearing in all of my favorite Pixar movies. Outside of bringing life to a character in every single Pixar movie, my family recognized him
  • JSpOC Olympics: Building Exceptional Leaders and Teams

    Holistic health is essential to the Air Force warrior ethos. In our high-ops climate, physical, mental and emotional health is critical to accomplishing the mission and developing capable leaders and teams. No commander recognizes the need for complimentary health and leadership development practices more than Col. Mike Manor, 614th Air Operations
  • Riddle me this

    “A man goes to work, tries to run home, sees a man with a mask, and then turns around to go back. What is his job?”This riddle is just like the many challenges we face in the Air Force. We all have different ways of solving problems, and arrive at solutions at different times using different strategies.This isn’t to say that one way is always
  • The 381st Training Support Squadron Student Development Flight

    For the past 30 years a small percentage of officers arrive at the 381st Training Group, for technical training, without a security clearance which prevents them from starting classes. The Office of Personnel Management has a significant backlog in clearance investigations, leaving many lieutenants waiting from several months to years for security
  • The humbling march

    During 1942, on the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Japanese started invading the Philippines. The U.S. sent troops to defend Manila (the Philippine capital), and its island of Luzon. After months of fighting and being overwhelmed by starvation and disease, U.S. General, Edward King Jr. and his troops, surrendered to Japan. Approximately
  • When your number is called

    I love watching sports and admiring the stories of athletes who are, or will for sure be, a first ballot hall-of-famer. What they all have in common is their tremendous will to win. We see it on ESPN all the time when they make the last winning shot, touchdown, putt, goal, homerun or whatever it is. But what we do not see is the work they put in