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  • Air Force provides path toward meaningful life

    (Editor's note: The 381st Training Group recently held an essay contest for their Airmen students. The following commentary is the winning entry.)I come from a big city, a voice amidst the daily chorus of pitfalls and survival. It is the home of the ruins of great things, and the foundation of the even more magnificent things yet to come. I'm the
  • Taking best care of our Airmen

    Win today's fight. Take best care of our people. Prepare for tomorrow's challenges. These are the overarching priorities of our Air Force. Even while fighting a Global War on Terror and striving to find the ways and means to recapitalize our capabilities, we still make "taking care of our people" a top priority. I'm honored to be a member of such a
  • Patience, understanding key to change

    Team Vandenberg, what a great time to be in our Air Force and a wonderful time to be a Comptroller. The 30th Comptroller Squadron is not only the wing commander's financial advisor, but the last stop in ensuring you are receiving the correct pay and entitlements. As the financial advisor, in the words of the deputy chief of financial analysis, we
  • Caring is free

    Our Air Force today faces tough challenges. We are fighting a long war on terrorism. We are constantly asked to compete priorities against each other, weigh costs and keep an eye on balances, expenditures and the bottom line. However, in the midst of prosecuting recapitalization and modernization of our air, space and cyberspace assets; affecting
  • SFS, Command Post exemplify Culture of Excellence

    Vandenberg Air Force Base is home to numerous Airmen that strive to epitomize our Culture of Excellence. You can walk into any unit on any given day and find outstanding performers who shine as sterling examples and set the standard for our Air Force. Every week I visit units and am constantly reminded of the extra mile our Airmen go to fulfill
  • Are you a situational leader?

    If you've been to any form of Air Force Professional Military Education, you have undoubtedly learned about situational leadership or spent some time studying the four-quadrant model created by behavioral theorists Paul Hersey and Kenneth H. Blanchard. I'm not going to broach those details here, however the subject has always intrigued me because
  • Effective communication is vital to success

    On March 3, 1847, Alexander Graham Bell was born. He is credited with inventing the telephone. On March 10, 2008, the 30th Space Communications Squadron cut the ribbon for the Combat Information Transport System, or CITS. It is a $27 million fiber optic infrastructure installation funded by Air Force Space Command. CITS is a Synchronous Optical
  • Don’t forget the Golden Rule … of customer service

    Most everyone has heard of the "Golden Rule", a famous quote in the New Testament of the Bible which states, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you" (Matthew 7:12). This quote is a great reminder of how we should treat others in every aspect of our lives and is especially true as we pursue a Culture of Excellence. One
  • State of readiness important in expedition operations

    An essential element of being a "Strategic Airmen" is maintaining a high state of readiness and being prepared to answer the nation's call when tasked to deploy. It is important to note that the number of deployments, average deployment tour lengths, and predeployment training requirements are on the rise. In fact, over 500 Vandenberg Hawks have
  • Ten rules of followership

    We read books and articles regarding the characteristics and traits of a good leader. But we seldom read about what it takes to serve as a good follower - a highly relevant subject to all men and women of our Air Force. It is a responsibility no less important than that of a leader and it enables good leadership. Further, it is a given that we are