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  • 30th SW Commander: Time to live by, internalize Airmen's Creed

    The Airman's Creed has been out for just over a year. This invaluable tool serves as a reminder to all Airmen of what it means to have pledged to serve in the Unites States Air Force. While all Vandenberg Airmen should have taken the time to memorize it, I challenge all of you to internalize it and live by it. I am an American Airman. I am a
  • Mother, Wingman go hand in hand

    In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon mothers in the military. Motherhood makes women uniquely suited for military life. The word "motherhood" evokes feelings of nurturing, compassion, sacrifice, selflessness, mercy, patience and wisdom. The attributes of motherhood are nearly identical to those of a good wingman;
  • Rolling down the highway ... literally

    "I don't want to see how I'm going to die." Those were the words that crawled through my mind as my car begin to turn over at 70 miles an hour. Thankfully (and apparently), I didn't die that day. Call it luck, call it fate. I call it a seatbelt. It was a warm, summer day in the Pacific Northwest, the type of day made for long drives. I called one
  • Lead different generations of Airmen with appropriate strategies

    During a briefing recently, it became obvious from the follow-on discussion that it can be quite a challenge to lead and motivate different generations of Airmen. It became apparent to me that situations and scenarios that appeared abnormal to one generation could easily be seen as not only normal, but actually closer to today's reality if observed
  • Change is inevitable: Be a part of it!

    Change in today's Air Force is not new. Rather, the specifics of the changes are just different than in the past. Over its entire 60-year history, the Air Force faced personnel and budget cuts, unit and career field re-organizations, and implementation of new technologies. These types of changes should sound familiar because we face similar ones
  • Air Force provides path toward meaningful life

    (Editor's note: The 381st Training Group recently held an essay contest for their Airmen students. The following commentary is the winning entry.)I come from a big city, a voice amidst the daily chorus of pitfalls and survival. It is the home of the ruins of great things, and the foundation of the even more magnificent things yet to come. I'm the
  • Taking best care of our Airmen

    Win today's fight. Take best care of our people. Prepare for tomorrow's challenges. These are the overarching priorities of our Air Force. Even while fighting a Global War on Terror and striving to find the ways and means to recapitalize our capabilities, we still make "taking care of our people" a top priority. I'm honored to be a member of such a
  • Patience, understanding key to change

    Team Vandenberg, what a great time to be in our Air Force and a wonderful time to be a Comptroller. The 30th Comptroller Squadron is not only the wing commander's financial advisor, but the last stop in ensuring you are receiving the correct pay and entitlements. As the financial advisor, in the words of the deputy chief of financial analysis, we
  • Caring is free

    Our Air Force today faces tough challenges. We are fighting a long war on terrorism. We are constantly asked to compete priorities against each other, weigh costs and keep an eye on balances, expenditures and the bottom line. However, in the midst of prosecuting recapitalization and modernization of our air, space and cyberspace assets; affecting
  • SFS, Command Post exemplify Culture of Excellence

    Vandenberg Air Force Base is home to numerous Airmen that strive to epitomize our Culture of Excellence. You can walk into any unit on any given day and find outstanding performers who shine as sterling examples and set the standard for our Air Force. Every week I visit units and am constantly reminded of the extra mile our Airmen go to fulfill