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  • Mental health visit is not the end

    I was torn, broken, falling apart. Tears were welling up and I couldn't see my computer screen, the clutter on my desk blurring. "Don't break down at work," I thought. "Don't break down." The summer of 2005 was a tough one. First, my fiancée and I split up. Two weeks later my grandfather died. Then, two days before the tears came rushing in while I
  • Farewell Vandenberg: Wing CC's parting words

    Let me start by thanking each of you for what you've done for the 30th Space Wing, Vandenberg AFB, and our Air Force. Being your commander has been an honor and privilege. When I left Vandenberg in June '05 as the Ops Group commander, I said then that I' d had the best job in the Air Force. What I didn't know was how much being your wing commander
  • Launching within a Culture of Excellence

    What is excellence? How do we get there? How can I instill a culture of excellence within my unit? These are all questions leaders ask as they prepare to address their Airmen for the first time. If I were to answer these questions as a "butter bar," you would probably have yourself a good laugh and walk away. Therefore, who better to respond than a
  • Will you be ready when you get the call?

    One of the themes over the past six months in the 30th Space Wing (and overall Air Force) has been about expecting and embracing change. Both the fast-paced world we live in and dynamic battlespace we fight in demand Airmen who can easily adapt to change. Another avenue of change involves preparing for unexpected professional challenges - those
  • Why we need Core Values

    Rarely do Airmen go more than a single day in today's Air Force without hearing about the Core Values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do. Often, leaders want subordinates to embrace the true meaning of the message as much they have. The Core Values are important, and I want you to take them to heart. Integrity
  • 12 rules of engagement for the ORI

    The 30th Space Wing is gearing up for an Operation Readiness Inspection. Col. Steve Tanous, the 30th SW commander, offers these 12 Rules of Engagement to ensure an "Outstanding" inspection: 1. SAFETY FIRST - During every demonstration or exercise we perform, we cannot lose sight of safety considerations in our zeal to wow the inspectors. Remember
  • Deployment challenges

    Vandenberg AFB is the most heavily tasked deployment installation in AFSPC and I'm proud of that fact. We currently have over 210 Vandenberg Airmen deployed, and we're preparing to send an additional 200 to combat the global war on terrorism. Though we send many of our Airmen forward to the fight, we can't forget how tough deployments can be. They
  • Embracing Wingmen diversity

    To prosper in the future, we must value, understand, and better utilize diversity in our business, education, government, as well as in society in general. In other words, we must learn to manage employee diversity as a vital resource. -- Marilyn Loden and Judy Rosener The Airman's Creed tells us we have an obligation to "never leave an Airman
  • Why an ORI?

    Several Airmen recently asked me, "Why have an ORI? We are the most heavily deployed base in the MAJCOM." Yes, we are the most deployed base in the command and yes an ORI does test a wing's ability to deploy. But every base, even those that deploy more Airmen than we do, found there is room for improvement. The IG Team will look at our deployment
  • Knowing role, winning attitude key to success

    As I was sitting wondering what I would write for this article I was thinking to myself of the myriad of roles and responsibilities a squadron commander has and the number of taskings they receive each day. Then under the pressures of a short suspense and what seemed like an insurmountable amount of work I witnessed a remarkable display of teamwork