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  • Commander's message to the wing

    I recently held my first Commander's Call where I discussed a number of topics I believe important to everyone in the 30th Space Wing. I know some of you weren't able to attend due to leave, temporary duty or other constraints; therefore, I want to take this opportunity to relay some main points. BACK TO BASICS We are in the Profession of Arms;
  • Military customs, courtesies play big with ORI evaluators

    How the 30th Space Wing performs its mission will weigh heavily during the operational readiness inspection this September. Military customs and courtesies communicate the professionalism and commitment of the individuals who make up the wing. Customs and courtesies will be evaluated across the base and ensure proper respect for military members
  • Emergency management: Everyone plays a part

    As the 30th Civil Engineer Squadron commander, my readiness flight manages the base's emergency management program, but the effectiveness of Vandenberg's response to emergencies is dependent on the awareness and education of all our base personnel (military, civilians, dependents and contractors). It is a discipline that involves preparing for the
  • The little things

    Despite what I'd like to imagine, I am getting older. With that sobering reality comes the fact that I see more and more of what makes a positive difference when dealing with other people. Throughout my experiences, particularly when I am on the receiving end, I've noticed it all comes down to the little things. The details in your interaction with
  • Operation Purple Camp

    About two months ago at a staff meeting in the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron, we were all asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to be the Vandenberg Air Force Base lead for Operation Purple Camp. All we were told is that it was a camp for the children of deployed parents. We were told they wanted someone who had kids between 7-13 years old and
  • DUIs change lives ... for the worse

    (Editor's note: The following commentary was written by an Airman with the 30th Security Forces Squadron. The names of the family members have been changed.)By now the vast majority of us are aware of the consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol. We have been briefed, recalled, and stood in formation; seen the slide shows, videos and
  • Getting back to basics

    These are challenging times. If you're keeping up with the news, you're probably as frustrated as I am when you see editorials with titles like, "Clean up the Air Force." While we have important issues such as nuclear accountability that must be addressed, you and I both know that the vast majority of the Air Force does not need "cleaning up." As
  • Friendship is important part of service, life

    Serving in the Air Force has a plethora of benefits that people can use to increase their quality of life; however, things can still be rough. The hardest part would have to be being away from the friends and family you grew up around. As a single Airmen living in the dorms, holidays can get kind of lonely. That's why it is important to develop
  • Get out of the box

    As my tour here at Joint Base Balad comes to an end, I've looked over the last six months and thought of all the things I've had an opportunity to do and people I've met. I've done things I said I would never do, like fly in a helicopter, and met people I've never expected to meet, like the vice president of the United States. As excited as I am to
  • Volunteers: Lifeblood of the community

    When you think about what it takes to keep a community functioning, your first thoughts probably lean toward the public services we all expect to be available to us. Similarly, when you think about what it takes to make a base run, you often think about civil engineers, security forces, the medical group and other agencies that provide the basics