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  • Year of Leadership

    The "Year of Leadership" at Vandenberg is in full swing and I want to stress the importance of participation at all levels. Unfortunately, disturbing incidents over the last year called into question focus and expertise in certain mission areas. As a result, Gen. C. Robert Kehler directed this initiative because, "The sustainment, growth, and
  • Facing the consequences of a DUI

    As Airmen in the world's greatest Air Force, we are expected to set and maintain the highest standards, whether it be in uniform or out of it. I failed those standards. I not only failed, but I endangered the lives of everyone on base and in the surrounding community by deciding to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Being someone who
  • Selflessness is core Airman trait

    The troops were lined up and awaiting instruction. They stood still, listening intently, contemplating and understanding every guideline. The plan was laid out and expectations were expressed. Each man and woman in uniform prepared for the mission that lay ahead. Some seemed uneasy while others were determined to rise up to the demands placed on
  • Year of Leadership: Discipline is a year-round standard

    Happy New Year ... as I write this we are closing the books on Fiscal Year 2008 and eagerly looking forward to the start of Fiscal Year 2009! Typical New Year's celebrations are filled with reflection on the past year with resounding hope and celebration in anticipation of what's to come in the new year! From a budgetary standpoint, 2008 has been
  • Communication eases tough times

    The biggest clue a new season is almost here can be found in packed classrooms across the state. Desks and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils welcome students back to school. Before each day's dismissal at the elementary school here, moms and dads stand outside its fenced area. They wait for that final bell to ring and the children to be
  • Taking a bite out of crime: A volunteer story

    The atmosphere was festive. A booming sound system offered popular music and got the crowd dancing. Children lined up to get colorful and unique designs at a face painting kiosk. Gleefully, preschool children jumped in a gigantic bouncy castle. The smell of barbequed burgers permeated the air, causing all but one mouth to water. The unmoved mouth,
  • A day remembered throughout the generations

    "Good morning," greeted the usher before Vandenberg Base chapel's 10 a.m. Sunday mass. "Here, take a church bulletin. Oh, don't forget this extra information, too." Sitting in a pew and looking down at the bulletin supplement, a pang of guilt washed over me. The insert was an announcement of an interfaith remembrance service being held at Chapel 1
  • Looking at 4,400 words that formed the country

    "We the people ..." No three words have as much significance to the United States as these. More important than these words, however, are the seven articles and 27 amendments that follow these words, making the Constitution of the United States. In 1787 Benjamin Franklin was 80 years old, the Revolutionary War had ended, and a new government was
  • Semper Gumby: Flexibility key to success in hurricane humanitarian efforts

    "Be flexible." That is a term often heard in the military, but we would quickly learn there was no other statement that truly embodied our current situation. Our six-person team from Vandenberg had its bags packed and equipment ready within three hours of being told to go. All other preparations were to be made on the road. We were three days into
  • You never get a second chance

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The origin of this bit of wit is unclear. The quote has been attributed to poet, playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde. It is thought by some to have been authored by American humorist Will Rogers and is even engraved on a plaque at his memorial. Others give creative credit to the great Mark