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  • Importance of mentorship

    Mentorship is a buzzword these days. It seems to have different meanings for different people. Some consider it a form of counseling, communicating, or learning by example from someone usually senior to you, while others call it leadership. No matter what you call it, it is beneficial to any organization. However, there seems to be some mystery
  • Mentorship: Process and Integrity

    Take the time to mentor folks on process and integrity. These are two critical ingredients that make up our Air Force lives. Air Force Instructions guide every fiber of our being and require us to follow steps of a prescribed procedure. It requires us all to have steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code to follow those instructions or
  • African American History Month: Let's reminisce, shall we?

    Not sure when you last sat in on a history lesson, but African American History Month opens the door to tons of juicy reminiscent facts that paved the way to our historic present. A lot of people are reluctant to embrace this month because the idea of singling out a particular race seems a bit preferential. So, why celebrate it? Fact is, it took 16
  • Eyes of the eagle

    The men and women of AFOSI Detachment 804 are committed to protecting Vandenberg AFB from felony-level crimes that adversely impact good order and discipline as well as Air Force resources and people. Our mission is to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S.
  • Leadership starts with following

    Leaders of all backgrounds from Walter Chrysler, George Patton, John Rockefeller, Sir Richard Branson, Vince Lombardi, Ted Turner, Bill Gates to Andrew Carnegie have inspired those within and those outside their organization, team and company through leadership. These "blue chip" leaders are revered by many educators, authors and other notable
  • The measurement of a good leader

    Leadership...what is it? Leadership is a performing art. Are leaders born or made? We are all born with what we have, what we do with that is up to us. So, who's a leader? Leadership isn't a title. There's no box for leadership on an organizational chart. Leadership isn't a degree, an award, a position or an office on the top floor. True leadership
  • Commander offers gate traffic solutions

    We've received numerous inquiries and suggestions for improving the morning traffic congestion at our installation gates. I'd like to take some time to clarify some of the issues and discuss how we'll solve the problem. Our base is experiencing a significant surge in construction and demolition projects. From new base housing to large-scale
  • Developing your replacement

    What would happen to your shop if you did not get to work tomorrow? Would the rockets or missiles launch? Would a sick patient be seen? Would the retiree get his identification card? The Air Force expects us to say that nothing would change - the mission would go on. And the mission MUST go on. Have you ever "withheld" information about what you do
  • Do the right thing

    Our nation was inspired by the actions of a brave pilot Jan. 15 as an everyday American reminded us of who we are and who we can be. The pilot who crash-landed a crippled airliner in New York's Hudson River saved 155 lives on board. He steered the aircraft toward the river when both engines failed less than five minutes after takeoff from LaGuardia
  • Integrity as a trainer

    Airmen of all ranks face the challenge of being a trainer at some point in their careers. While it may not be for a position requiring formal certification, the responsibilities of the trainer are still the same. They must assure the readiness of their trainees. When I was a young major, I led a 140-person joint space operations crew. The position