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  • Command Chief Urges Airmen to Accept Change and Focus on the Mission

    For nearly 29 years I've watched our nation, and our Air Force respond to global conflict and political influences. We've prepared for war, executed our mission, and made adjustments during times of peace. To say we are living in interesting times would be an understatement. Across the entire Air Force our leaders are faced with a number of
  • Innovation key to Air Force future

    Our nation is facing a number of challenges that affect our government. As a result, change is happening all around the Air Force.The institution of the Air Force will survive, but there is no doubt we'll be operating differently. Over the past several years we have implemented a number of efficiency efforts to shape the force while maintaining ops
  • Simple Ways to Protect Water Quality at Vandenberg AFB

    Did you know that rainfall, or storm water, has the potential to impact Vandenberg Air Force Base's water quality? Storm water is rainwater that runs off streets, lawns, farms, construction sites and industrial sites. Under natural conditions storm water is absorbed into the ground where it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or slowly
  • My educational journey: a command chief

    A few years ago I was asked to be the commencement speaker at a Community College of the Air Force graduation. I gladly accepted and over the next few weeks, I worked on developing a speech that would be meaningful and hopefully enlightening. However, as I completed my research, I was amazed by what I discovered. It was this discovery that made me
  • Home alone

    Life in the military is full of social gatherings such as dining in.'s, air force balls, squadron and retirement parties, and for those parents with children who spend time at home alone, safety and security is a major concern. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare your children for being home alone. ยท Make sure your home is secure. Check
  • Mentorship fundamentals

    I have studied, designed, launched, repaired and been a part of many mentoring programs during my 25-year-plus career in talent management. To be frank, at this point I have some pretty strong biases about how to design and execute mentoring programs because I have seen so many fail. They almost never yield what is hoped for, but there are some
  • Mental injuries, illnesses are killers

    What would you do if you suffered a broken leg tomorrow? Chances are, you would go to an emergency room, see a doctor, have your leg x-rayed and placed in a cast and get a set of crutches. You wouldn't be back to 100 percent right away, but you could at least function.Now, what would you do if you suffered a broken mind? That answer's not so
  • Overcoming pride to prevent suicide

    As my office has just completed a resiliency stand-down day, I am struck by the increasing numbers of suicides in the Air Force every year. There are more agencies and programs than I can count to assist anyone thinking of hurting themselves, and we receive regular training on how to engage in positive behaviors. So why is this still a problem?
  • Identifying your domicile

    Domicile is a term of art that has a very specific meaning. Different from "home of record" or "residence," your domicile is the state in which you reside now or have resided in the past, and the place where you intend to remain or return to. Everyone has a domicile, but identifying it can be difficult at times. Your domicile is important for a
  • Adventures in weight loss

    I walked into the room and it stood there taunting me, reinforcing years and years of negative body image stereotypes.Laughing at me. It was my personal egg-shaped cocoon of shame. Fortunately, I was ready to overcome any news that was headed my way. Sometimes the worst information is the best motivation. Today, my motivation was coming from the