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  • Think straight, lead great!

    On a Monday morning, I was eastbound on Florida Highway 524 headed for "The Cape." I was scheduled to present a briefing for Apollo 11 astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin and I was running late ... stuck behind a smoke bellowing, slow moving 18-wheeler. I remember thinking, "please don't take the ramp onto the Beeline; just get out of my way!" Sure enough, you
  • Teamwork carries the day

    Allow me, if you would, to talk about a certain team that I hold close -- one that has come from many different places and backgrounds, but has come together for one common goal. For those of you who know me, you may think I'm talking about the New York Yankees or the Boston Celtics. While they are both great teams and have many banners to prove
  • Finding inspiration

    One of the leading reasons my family and I love to watch the Olympic Games is because the athletes inspire us. They're amazing! Competition on this world stage takes colossal sacrifice and self-discipline, not to mention thousands and thousands of hours of practice. Take for example, USA's 16-year-old Gabby Douglas, women's gymnastics all-around
  • Attacking Symptoms

    As an Area Defense Counsel in the Air Force, it is my job to represent Airmen who get in legal or administrative trouble, and I love my job. I have spent the majority of my legal career as an attorney representing people in trouble, both as a civilian and now as an ADC. It has been my experience that people seldom make bad decisions in a vacuum.
  • “Doing the right thing” versus “Doing things right” – A Framework for Post-ORI Innovation

    Col. Lavanson Coffey III, the 30th Launch Group commander, submitted a commentary July 16 about "doing the right thing" where he discussed the importance of not cutting corners and always doing what's right. Unfortunately, we're more focused today on "doing things right" than "doing the right thing." This has become apparent as we prepare for the
  • Back to basics: A commander's reflection

    I recently had the opportunity to attend a Basic Military Training graduation at Lackland AFB, Tex., which was a memorable personal and professional experience. It was personal because my oldest son was one of the graduates. It was professionally memorable because I was reminded of a commander's responsibility to serve our Air Force's newest
  • CES commander defines leadership

    19 years ago, I stood on the parade grounds at the Medina Annex on Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, anxiously waiting to accept my commission as a brand new second lieutenant. Moments before my uncle, a retired colonel, asked me to raise my right hand, he pulled me aside and said, "Matt, in a few minutes, you're going to be a lieutenant and outrank
  • Boldly do what you should be doing all along

    Do you always do the right thing? Do you always know what the right thing to do is? While there may be lots of room for debate, it is generally held that the "right thing to do" is largely defined by public law or treaty, organizational regulations, instructions and policy, and the societal mores and values your parents, teachers and friends
  • Rise Up, Hawks!

    The Hawks of the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg are part of a proud heritage of Airmen, Department of Defense civilians, and contractors who launch rockets. We proudly serve our nation from a strategic location; in fact, we are the only location in America for space launch into polar orbit. Collectively, we've been doing this amazing job since 1958,
  • DUIs and ARIs: A matter of discipline

    In Afghanistan, a handful of service members have hurt America's strategic interests through incidents of gross misconduct, such as urinating on Taliban, burning Korans, and allegedly massacring villagers. Meanwhile, Vandenberg is responding to an increase in DUIs and alcohol-related incidents (ARIs). Despite increased focus on the dangers of