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  • How Much is in Your Wallet?

    How many of you remember the scene in the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when Clark Griswold is expecting a substantial Christmas bonus that will help pay for the new pool he wants to have built in the backyard, but instead gets the annual subscription to the "Jelly of the Month Club?" Or possibly hitting closer to home, how many of
  • I do solemnly swear to support and defend

    The very first act of a servicemember's military career is to raise their right hand to take an oath. The heart of that oath is a promise to, "Support and defend the Constitution of the United States." This simple act distinguishes us from other countries and other militaries throughout history. With those words, we signify that our allegiance lies
  • Keep health, safety during Super Bowl celebration

    It's that time of the year again when families and friends celebrate an American national "holiday" Feb. 3, filled with merriment and food - the Super Bowl. Though this year's celebration will pit Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, fans of the losing teams will still take this opportunity to watch the biggest American sporting event. As the
  • Bringing out the best

    Leaders, from supervisors of one to supervisors of thousands, I ask you this -- How do you bring out the best in a person? In hundreds of people? In thousands of people? How do you get your Airman, the people in your flight, or your entire organization to perform for you? How do you bring out the best in people? It begins with believing there's
  • A call to action -- Three ways to combat sexual assault

    While moderating the U.S. Air Force Facebook page recently, I came across a question I found personally difficult to answer. The question was asked by a concerned parent preparing to send a daughter to basic training in light of a widespread sexual assault investigation. She asked, "Will my daughter be safe?"It's difficult to reassure parents about
  • Do you really know the Inspector General Program?

    When you hear the acronym "IG", what immediately comes to mind? Is it an audible groan? Do you think, "Not again!" or "My program is getting inspected again?" or "Oh no, not another exercise!" Maybe you hear "IG" and decide to walk in the opposite direction and hide. Well, you and your local inspector general, IG, team has been working hard in
  • The holidays: A time to stop and give thanks

    Another year has passed and once again we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season. Whether this time of year has crept up on you, or couldn't seem to come quickly enough; it is here and it's busy. The holidays are a time of year when we have special foods, gatherings, decorations, and shopping. It is a time when many of us go places we
  • Our team is the key to success

    Here in the 30th Space Wing we assure access to and from space for the joint force and our nation. The assets we launch and receive are often one of a kind, vital to our national interests, and their missions have often been planned for several years. Failure is not an option and our record of mission success speaks to that. Despite the high level
  • Air Force contingency contracting: The ultimate force multiplier

    The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win...in air, space and cyberspace. Several times a year, the 30th Space Wing conducts exercises to ensure we are ready to support the AF mission in a deployed environment. The first part of the exercise involves tasking military personnel and their equipment and then ensuring both are
  • First impressions

    A few weeks ago, I took a short trip to one of my favorite places - Yosemite. I decided to stay in a hotel in a nearby town called Oakhurst. It's still a bit of a drive from there to the national park, but staying there allowed me to drive from home in the evening, rest overnight, and then spend the entire day in the park. The drive wasn't bad -