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  • Fitness, an Airman’s duty

    With the month of March being deemed National Nutrition Month, we as members of the armed forces are provided with yet another valuable opportunity to reflect on any poor fitness habits we may have.Although the month focuses on eating healthy, it serves as reminder that good nutrition should be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and fitness
  • Central coast happenings

    The central coast of California is a great place to be any time of year, but is especially delightful during the winter months.This week I would like to focus on special ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether with family, friends, or just for couples.On Feb. 14, at 10:00 a.m. the Guadalupe Dunes center will host the 3rd annual Huell Howser
  • The season of love, loving thoughts

    St. Valentine's Day is upon us, giving us yet another opportunity to express our affection for the loved ones in our lives.The history of St. Valentine goes back centuries, and to confuse things even more, it appears there may have been more than one saint named Valentine.One of the legends is that of a Roman priest who lived during the reign of
  • Ten minutes with Herschel Walker

    As children, we idolize many people growing up. Some of us admired actors, while others were enamored with their favorite musicians. I've always been starstruck by professional athletes; the extremely talented men and women who play my favorite sports, who I'd never dream of meeting in person.What if you finally got to meet one of those people you
  • We aren't there yet

    Monday, Jan. 19, commemorates the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The work he accomplished and his vision have permanently altered the country we live in today.Despite the magnitude of his accomplishments and the drastic changes that have taken place since his renowned "I have a dream" speech, his vision is just as relevant
  • 30th Space Wing members create history

    British historian and journalist E.H. Carr once said, "The function of the historian is neither to love the past nor emancipate himself from the past, but to master and understand it as the key to the understanding of the present."Carr saw the historian's role as that of a facilitator, someone who can make history accessible.  As the 30th Space
  • See something, say something: USAF Eagle Eyes Program

    Regardless of how well trained and equipped AFOSI and security forces may be, we cannot be everywhere at all times. With this in mind, the Air Force Eagle Eyes Program was born. AFOSI, Detachment 804, is reminding the base populace they are a vital resource in ensuring the security for Team Vandenberg. Anyone, anywhere, at any time might have the
  • Take a stand, lend a hand

    "Get up and fight me."I could barely stand, even if I wanted to. My jaw felt permanently rearranged from the surgery performed by my attacker's fists. I felt bruises the size of golf balls begin to form under my eyes. I had cuts and bruises from ear to ear - from head to toe. I had just been beaten to an almost lifeless pulp as spectators egged my
  • Intramural Season

    It's been a long week. Work has been hectic and time has been limited. Despite this, intramurals are coming up. A chance to not only enjoy a sporting activity, but form a bond with teammates and remain physically fit in the process.Intramural sports play a pivotal role in the physical and social progression of Airmen."I believe intramural sports
  • The Air Force Inspection System

    We are now several months into implementing the new Air Force Inspection System, and I am happy to report that the 30th Space Wing has implemented 15 out of 16 milestones required for the full implementation of the Commander's Inspection Program. Of course, this has not been without a few hiccups along the way, and it's vital we all understand our