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  • Expanded Local Leave Area for Vandenberg AFB

    On 20 April 2020, the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) issued Modification and Reissuance of DoD Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019—Travel Restrictions, superseding prior guidance on the same subject. Personnel on Vandenberg AFB shall comply with all aspects of the SECDEF order, as it applies to them. This memorandum supersedes Vandenberg AFB Leave Policy, dated 18 March 2020, and will remain in effect until rescinded or superseded by higher authority.
  • Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV)

     OverviewThe Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program provides the United States affordable, reliable, and assured access to space with two families of launch vehicles: Atlas V and Delta IV. These launch vehicles provide critical spacelift capability to support Department of Defense and other National Security missions (together known as
  • Equal Opportunity Office

    EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFICELocation and Contact Information (805) 606-8780 / 0370 723 Nebraska Avenue, Bldg 10525 Rm. 4 Vandenberg AFB, Ca 93437 Send Us an Email Department of Defense Policy The primary objective of the Equal Opportunity program is to improve mission effectiveness by promoting an environment free from personal, social, or
  • Emergency Management

    Civil Engineer Readiness and Emergency Management Flight The Civil Engineer Readiness and Emergency Management Flight, offers this information guide to help you get acquainted with the VAFB Emergency Management Program. This guide is designed to assist you and your family in preparing for emergency situations. This information should give insight