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  • 14th Air Force Emblem

    Blazon Azure, a winged Bengal tiger or with Sable and Argent markings, nose and langued gules armed White below and surmounting the lower points of a mullet of the fourth pierced of the fifth, all within an annulet and diminutive bordure Yellow. Significance Blue and yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, and the primary theater
  • Directions to Vandenberg AFB Main Gate

    Coming from the South on Highway 101 Approximately 22 miles north of Santa Barbara, and one mile past the Goleta tunnel, take the Highway 1 exit.Follow Highway 1 to Lompoc, approximately 24 miles north. Highway 1 connects to Highway 246 at Ocean Ave. in Lompoc; turn left and follow Ocean Ave. to H Street.Turn right onto North H St. and follow it
  • Local Area Information

    California's Central CoastVandenberg is located on California's "Central Coast". Vandenberg and central California's coastal residents consider their environment mild. The 150 square mile area midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Pacific shore, and ranches of northern Santa Barbara and San Luis
  • Space and Missile Heritage Center

    The Space and Missile Heritage Center preserves and displays artifacts and memorabilia to interpret the evolution of missile and spacelift activity at Vandenberg from the beginning of the Cold War through current non-classified developments in military, commercial, and scientific space endeavors. The initial display area is made up of two exhibits,
  • Area Defense Counsel

    Mission Our primary duty is the representation of individual clients. We owe our clients the utmost in professional defense competence, tenacity and loyalty, limited only by the bounds of law, ethics, and good judgement. We provide legal advice if you've been advised of your rights under Article 31 UCMJ. We also represent clients in courts-martial,
  • 30th Operations Group (30 OG)

    MissionCommand and control the Western Range to assure access to space and advance air and space combat capabilities.VisionTo be the world's finest professionals operating and maintaining the Western Range - America's premier gateway to space and air superiority.About the 30th Operations GroupThe 30th Operations Group (30 OG) commands and controls
  • 30th Civil Engineer Squadron (30 CES)

    MissionProfessionals taking care of each other while delivering superior Civil Engineering services to our customers.
  • OC Pepper Spray Fact Sheet

    What it is: Pepper spray, in everyday terms, is an irritating substance extracted from the cayenne pepper plant, which is mixed with natural oil. This mixture is placed into a container and pressurized to create a spray or an aerosol. The cayenne pepper plant is better known as a very hot spice used for cooking and is also used in prescription