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Default Air Force Logo Convenient access to online accounts with one password
There is a logon that allows military families access to certain Department of Defense (DoD) benefit websites with one username and password: it's the DS Logon. Having a DoD Self-Service Logon (DS Logon) can mean remembering just one username and password for some DoD and Veterans Affairs (VA) websites. How to request your single logon:· Sponsors
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Default Air Force Logo PCS season 2011, claims
This summer promises to be a very busy moving season for PCSing Airmen. You can help alleviate any potential loss or damage to your household goods by learning the rules under which your household goods are moved and by preparing yourself for a potential moving claim.You should take stock of what you own and its condition prior to your
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Default Air Force Logo Fire-free festivities
Each year people are warned about the hazards of using illegal fireworks, but each year there are just as many fireworks incidents. Vandenberg, like other cities in our community, does not allow discharging of fireworks at any time. We are in fire season and with Independence Day approaching, there's a chance for more fire threats due to illegal
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Default Air Force Logo Meals and moves: Together counts
"For the first time in our history, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents."That quote, taken directly from the Partnership for a Healthier America's website, explains the essence of a growing obesity problem across the U.S. The partnership--which is headed by First Lady Michelle Obama--says that obesity rates
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Default Air Force Logo Fire safety in the summer sun
Summer is here and that means barbecues, lemonades by the pool, and camping trips. It also means increasing our awareness of summer fire hazards. This summer, when you're doing all the things that make the season so fun, be sure to do them safely. Cool summers and outdoor fire places Anyone who has lived on the central coast knows how cool our
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Default Air Force Logo TRICARE program for dependents to age 26
What are the TRICARE choices for a college student who turns 23? What about for 21-year-olds who lost their eligibility due to age? These young adults now have an option for TRICARE coverage. TRICARE Young AdultTRICARE Young Adult is medical and pharmacy coverage for dependents. An eligible enrollee has a TRICARE-eligible sponsor, is unmarried, is
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Default Air Force Logo What if you were diagnosed? Four ways to survive cancer
Nearly 12 million Americans are living today, after being told they have cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That's as many people who live in the state of Ohio. Due to medical advances, the word "cancer" is no longer a death sentence. More and more people are surviving because of early detection methods.
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Default Air Force Logo Autism Awareness Month: TRICARE covers ABA therapy
Today, autism in children has become more prevalent than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS--combined.That's according to Autism Speaks, a national autism science and advocacy organization. The association defines autism as "a group of complex developmental brain disorders." Today, about one in every 110 children is diagnosed
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Mary Lloyd (Courtesy photo ) Now that's dedicated service: Mary Lloyd is an inspiration
Mrs. Mary Lloyd turned 85 years old not long ago on 1 Mar 2011. While this is quite an accomplishment in itself, there is much more to the story. Mary has been, and continues to be, a housekeeper at the Vandenberg Lodge. This July, she will have worked at the Vandenberg Lodge for more than 45 years! She does a terrific job, always with a smile, and
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Default Air Force Logo Five steps toward financial wellness
April is National Financial Literacy Month, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Consumers are feeling more pinched each week with rapidly increasing gas and food prices and sluggish economic growth. According to a recent survey by Career Builder, 77 percent of American consumers are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Literacy Month is
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