Food pantry added to Airman’s Attic


The Airman’s Attic recently added a food pantry to their already diverse supply of free items for Airmen on base.

The food pantry, which is available for active duty families, ranks E-6 and below, is one way the base takes care of Airmen.

“For the past 20 years as a spouse in the Air Force I have seen first-hand the need of our military families,” said Janelle Broach, Airman’s Attic manager. “There is an imminent need for food supplies, not only for non-perishables but also feminine hygiene products, animal products, baby products, and household products as well. I took over as manager of the Attic about two years ago and we decided almost six months ago to start a food pantry on base.”

The Airman’s Attic, as well as the food pantry, subsists upon the donations of the Vandenberg community.

“Our main donors are members of Vandenberg,” said Samantha Gebhart, Airman’s Attic assistant manager. “Everyone from active duty to contractors and civilians - they make this possible. Our goal is to have one large donation per month, although we will accept donations from everyone. I envision the pantry as an extension of the ‘being a good wingman’ concept. Being a good wingman means looking out for your fellow Airmen, and this is a way we as a community can look out for each other.”

The pantry is available for Airmen that find themselves in need of a little extra help.

“As a single Airman, or an Airman with dependents, income is very modest,” said Broach. “There may be a month where one is experiencing a hardship and the food pantry will allow one to come in and look for needed items during our business hours, or one can simply contact myself to come in during non-business hours to keep it discrete. We want to alleviate added stress in their lives and this is a small but impactful opportunity for those in need.”

The pantry is open for both donations as well as customers every Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m.

“We don’t have a consistent flow of items coming in, we rely solely on word of mouth,” said Broach. “Our goal is to have regular monthly donations and that is in progress as we speak. We welcome everyone on base and surrounding areas to donate. If you haven’t been to our facility please come check out our store and phenomenal volunteers.”


To schedule a private shopping time or to make a donation, please call 406-868-5828