Vandenberg NCO selected for commissioning


Staff Sgt. Brandon Beaty, a Client Systems Technician for the 614th Air and Space Communication Squadron, was recently selected to commission through the highly-selective Senior Leadership Enlisted Commissioning Program – Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

SLECP-A is a unique Air Force incentive commissioning program wherein senior leaders personally select members to commission based upon a number of factors, to include academic background and goals, performance as an enlisted member, personal character and core values and recommendations from leadership.

As part of the application process, candidates select a civilian institution and degree path in which they would obtain their baccalaureate degree within 36 months, as well as indicate their desired officer Air Force Specialty Code. Upon graduation, the enlisted member would then commission as an officer and move into the selected career field.    

Each major command commander may offer their endorsement of one candidate for SLECP-A, and forward another candidate to compete for one of five scholarships at the Air Force level.  Gen. John E. Hyten, then Commander, Air Force Space Command, nominated Beaty to compete at the Air Force level, where he was then personally selected by the Honorable Lisa S. Disbrow, Under Secretary of the Air Force.

Beaty was notified Nov. 28, when he was called into the 614th Air Operations Center commander’s office under the guise of a computer malfunction that needed his attention.  While attempting to fix the computer problem, the phone rang and the caller announced, “Please hold for the Honorable Ms. Disbrow.” 

At this point, Beaty was under the impression that the call was for the commander, but as Ms. Disbrow started talking, she addressed a shocked and slightly confused Beaty and informed him that he was selected for a SLECP-A scholarship. 

“I am very excited to pursue my education and serve as a commissioned officer,” Beaty said. He is the third generation in his family to transition from enlisted to officer.  His plans to apply to the University of Washington and University of Texas where he hopes to study electrical engineering and computer science as a major, pursuing an anthropology minor.

Beaty has been awarded a 62E AFSC, which is a Developmental Engineer (Electrical).  “As an officer I would like to work in the research and development field as well as instruct at the Air Force Institute of Technology,” he said.

“A very bright future lies ahead for Staff Sergeant Beaty, both in the world of academia and in the Air Force as a whole,” said Chief Master Sgt. Craig Neri, Command Chief, 14th Air Force (Air Forces Strategic) and Command Senior Enlisted Leader, Joint Functional Component Command for Space.  “He has earned the respect of his peers and his leadership throughout Vandenberg AFB and the 614th AOC.  He demonstrates excellent leadership capabilities, and his internal drive will carry him far.”

2nd Lt. Micaela Eisman contributed significant reporting to this article.